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Car Leather Seat Restoration & Repair - Try the Best Forget the Rest.

Why restore your leather car seats? There may be several different reasons; for example, it may be that your leather seats are still in good structural condition, but have some wear and tear and damage such as scratches to the surface of the leather. However, the best reason of all is cost. Reupholstering with a new leather interior can cost many thousands. Restoring existing leather car seats will cost significantly less, whilst leaving a surface essentially the same as the original factory finish, giving you many more years of use.

Results of any leather car seat restoration will, of course, depend very much on the current condition. Before we can quote, we will always need to look at some photos.

Can we restore any damage? No! Sometimes, the surface may simply be too worn or damaged for a repair to be worthwhile or economical.

We will always give you an honest opinion of what is achievable and what you can expect.

Contact us for more information on our professional Leather Car Seat Restoration Service.

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