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Leather Restoration and Leather Repair.

Founded in 2013, we have established an excellent reputation throughout Ireland for our dedication to fine detail and our after care services. 

We have developed unique restorative  and cleaning techniques combined with traditional and innovative craftsmanship to ensure your leather car seats, leather furniture, ETC, will be restored, cleaned to its former glory, there is no reduction in time to provide the best restoration result, all the steps and accuracy and cleanliness is provided, worry free! 

Leather restoration, cleaning and leather repair is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to replacement, as leather car seats, leather furniture last much longer than other upholstery and its good looks can not only be maintained but improved over time.

From our part at leather cleaning and restoration we make every effort and devote our full attention to achieve the best possible result for you the customer taking into account the colour, feel and look using all the best of the industries and leather care products and techniques. 
All our leather refurbishment work is undertaken subject to Ashbourne Leather Care terms and conditions.

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